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Sex & Violence is an anthology strip which follows the chaotic exploits of an stolen android reprogrammed to be a contract killer, an escaped mental patient and his stuffed monkey, and various other misfits which shall be introduced as the strip progresses...


Aaron Holm is a hack, plain and simple.

His art skills, are, at best, average and, at times, he can't write his way out of a paper bag. He spends a good percentage of his time sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, wondering how he might be able to tell stories that most people don't really want to read and how to draw them out in a manner that won't send the masses running away, screaming. As it stands, he's in charge of this comic, mostly because no one wants to take it.


Joe Average, by Aaron M. Holm

Living in Greytown, by Dave Kelly   Exploitation Now!, by Michael Poe   Deathworld, by Rudi Gunther   Krazy Larry, by Paul Southworth   S.S.D.D., by Alan Foreman  

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